5 Ways to Track Your Digital Marketing to Offline Sales 

According to The Local Merchant Report 2015 from Street Fight, Marketers and Business owners find that Online Advertising is the most effective marketing media for their business. However, tracking sales from digital marketing is a big struggle.


90 percent of sales still happen in stores, not online – Google.

This number is even higher in regards to us Kenyans and is one of the biggest reasons why most digital campaigns fail.



If you do not track, you simply do not know.


Luckily, Digital marketing is actually much easier to track than traditional offline marketing. There plenty of paid and free solutions around, all you have to is implement them.

Here are 5 ways you can start tracking your digital marketing.


How to Track your online marketing to Offline sales

1.Store Visits


Brick-and-mortar businesses can now drive and measure store visits
Brick-and-mortar businesses can now drive and measure store visits

Store visits is a metric you can use to measure intent from consumers who want to visit your store.

To ensure accuracy, Google surveyed more than 5 million people to confirm they actually visited a store and say its reports are “99 percent accurate”.

This method is simple. First, you need to create or claim your business location/s in Google Maps through Google my business.

Once verified, add your map location/s to all your marketing channels (Offline and online).

While it only measures visit intent, it’s a good way to gauge which campaigns are driving customers to your store

Store Visit Solutions

  • Google AdWords – Add maps to your Banner and Search Campaigns
  • Facebook Local awareness – Target people near your location with awareness ads
  • Kuponi Smart Widgets – Our Smart location widget allows you to add your map to any campaign your running (offline or online)


2. Coupons

Coupons come in 3rd place for the most effective marketing media for local businesses.

While not so common in Kenya, when attached to offers…Unique Coupons codes are can be a great way to measure actual sales from digital marketing.

Here are 5 ways you can use coupons to track campaigns

  • Track Individual products/services
  • Track Upsells or Cross sells
  • Track how many people Join your Build a database
  • Track Increase Average Consumer Spend
  • Track Sales of specific categories

Coupon Solutions

  • Facebook Offers – help you create discounts offers you can share with your customers in the Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Kuponi Smart WidgetsSmart Coupons covert your offers and promotions into mobile coupons that track distribution, conversion and redemption rates.
  • Kuponi Text Offers – Uses text messages to deliver your unique codes to your customers.


Click here To learn more about Digital Coupons


3.Call Tracking

Prove your marketing is driving Calls
Prove your marketing is driving Calls

For businesses that rely heavily on phone calls, call tracking might be the missing puzzle to your marketing.

Call tracking is software used to track inbound phones calls from online and traditional advertising.

It helps you Know which marketing channels are working to make the most of every call coming into your business.

While not easy to setup manually (Not sure why no local service exists yet), Call tracking requires a minimum of 2 numbers (local or international) for tracking and testing.

Call tracking Solutions

  • Africa TalkingProvides phone numbers that can forward, record, add IVRs and track duration of incoming phone calls.
  • Google AdWordsOffline conversion tracking can be attached to your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Kuponi Call Widget – We harness the power of Google analytics to offer an affordable way to track calls on your normal number. Just like Store visits, it helps report how many calls were started or made  through your marketing.

I Recommend getting both Africa Talking Numbers and Kuponi Call Widget to get the most out of call tracking.


4.Google Analytics

Image rights: AdEspresso
Image rights: AdEspresso

Google Analytics is a FREE/PAID analytics solution that lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

While metrics like Views, Time on site, Bounce rates and clicks are simple enough to understand, they don’t tie into your overall marketing and customer journey.

Adding Google Events and UTM parameters to your Links is the most effective way to use Google Analytics.

UTM parameters enable you to analyse the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns across different traffic sources and publishing media.

An example can be tracking a campaign your running on online (Facebook) and offline (Radio).

Sadly, because of the complexity to implement these features, most marketers and small business owners will never harness the true power of Goole Analytics.

Google Analytics Solutions

  • Kuponi Smart Widgets – Every Widget you buy from us can be integrated with your Google analytics ID. Regardless of whether you have a website or not, our smart widgets will help you build an audience that tracks every interaction.
  • Campaign Builder – This is a free URL builder from Google that allows you to easily add campaign UTM parameters to your links to track Custom Campaigns.



customer survey is no easy task, but it's worth pursuingAsking your Customers where they found you is the simplest method to implement. I highly encourage you train your staff to ask every customer how they found out about your business, offer or promotion.

Not so simple if you service thousands of customers. However, its a very effective method nonetheless.

If you want to use technology, there many survey solutions out there. Here are my favourite three.

Recommended Survey tools

  • Google Forms – Free tool from Google you can use to make a survey, poll, quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way.
  • Kuponi Smart Widgets – Our Data Capture widgets are simple, mobile friendly and can be attached to any other widget. An Example can be to incentive your customers with a Coupon or prize giveaway once they complete a survey.
  • Textit – If your customers don’t go online or have smartphones (Only 44% of Kenyans use smartphones – Google) then an SMS based survey is your best solution. Textit helps you build interactive SMS campaigns that can collect the data you need.



While these solutions are great, its hard to use of all in your marketing. I recommend using any 2 that makes sense for your business.

They will help you get a deeper understanding of how well your performing as well as find road blocks in your marketing.


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