Stop losing Customers: 5 landing page mistakes to avoid

Customers leave your website within the first 10 seconds.
Confused Customers leave your website within the first 10 seconds.

I’m going to walk you through the top five landing page mistakes I see people making all the time. As a marketer, I am always watching the Facebook ads on my right hand (Desktop) column and in my news feed.

I’m always clicking over and checking out what other Kenyan business owners are doing and there are a lot of mistakes being made.

Lets count backwards from five to one.


5. Slow page load times

So you’re advertising your page on Facebook or your blog or YouTube or whatever. Someone clicks over to your landing page.

If landing page or webisite doesn’t load instantly, people are gone. They just bounce. If you look at your analytics, you will see that I’m right. Customers are not on your pages very long and it could be because of slow page loads. So I found this little cool tool here from Google Developers.

All you do is go to this page and then click right here where it says “Analyze your site online.” Click that link, type in your address and click Analyze. What’s really cool about this, it analyzes for both desktop and mobile.


So let’s see what comes up when I type Chuimedia’s web address here. All right. So we have desktop and mobile. Oh, isn’t that funny? Look at it. There’s an error on the mobile one and I’ve done this before and the error always comes up.

So we will just stick to the desktop one for now. But the score is 86 out of 100.

It gives you an image of what shows up on the main screen above the fold and then it gives you like suggestions summary here and it tells you what’s wrong and actually how to fix it.

If you can fix it yourself, that’s great. If not, have your web developer do it for you.

That will get your site loading faster and hopefully increase your landing page conversions. So you get more leads and more sales.

gmetrix_chuimediaGmetrix is also another good page speed checker I frequently use and if your using wordpress as your CMS I highly recommend W3 Total Cache




4. Too many distractions.

I clicked on an ad the other day and I end up a page  that was totally different and was like, “What? What am I supposed to do here?” It happened to be a picture of Kim Kardashian, on the Facebook ad, and I saw her on the magazine cover. So that’s cool. But there were just way too many distractions here.

I mean like what am I supposed to do? What do they really want me to do? It just says, “New Year Special: Free for Facebook Users. Lose up to 18 pounds this month with this trick that celebs use,” and I still am like, “What am I supposed to do here?”

So very, very, very distracting. So what you want to do instead is make sure that your landing page has only one thing for your visitor to do and that is to opt in to get the free thing that you’re giving away. So the only thing they should do is get on your email list and that’s it.

I recommend leadpages  for creating landing pages. They have tonnes of templates for all types of goals, which are very fast to set up and provide super speed hosting as well.

3.Poor Headlines.

A poor headline will render your landing page invisible
A poor headline will render your landing page invisible

you need your headlines to be short and punchy and if you have to use a lot of words, maybe you could use a sub-headline to add more detail. But for the most part, you want a short and sweet headline that grabs attention because you only have about two seconds and customer are gone.

Here’s the tool I use . It’s really, really handy. Basically type in your headline (see pic) put a space and there you go. Then you click the dropdown menu here. You have to select the category. It doesn’t really matter what category you select. It gives you the same result and then you click Submit for Analysis.

Look at that, 70 percent. That’s a really, really good headline. This area right here down below will explain exactly what the EMV score is but basically let’s look at – there are certain words in the English language that have emotional impact on us, that get us to actually take some type of action and buy things.

So it’s a really good tool for copywriters. So if you’re struggling with a good headline or your landing page conversions are not as high as you would like them to be, basically what I would recommend is create two headlines.

Run your ideas through this tool. Using this tool, create two headlines and then do an A-B split test on your landing page. So create two versions of your landing page. Drive some traffic to it and see which one does better.

2. Give-away doesn’t match your main offer.

The most common practice in list building of course is to offer valuable content in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

So you might offer a free report or a how-to video. Where I see people make the mistake is when the content inside the report or the video doesn’t compel the person to buy the product they’re selling.

For instance, let’s say your target audience is 40-year-old women who want to lose weight and the product you sell is a revolutionary new piece of exercise equipment.

So you decide to write a report that reveals your favorite raw juice recipe because it helps you keep off those extra pounds and it’s something that you’ve written from personal experience. You get tons of leads and everyone gives you great feedback about your report. They love it.

The problem is no one is buying your new exercise machine because there’s a huge disconnect. You’ve lured them in with a quick and easy solution to their weight loss problem, drink this juice, and then you try to sell them a solution that requires real work and a huge commitment.

So what to would want to do in this case? You could record a few short videos of you working out on the exercise machine. Nothing too fancy. Just show them how easy it is to use and how little time it requires to get results.

While recording your workout, overcome some of the common objections so your prospect might be thinking, “Well, I’ve tried other machines in the past and they didn’t work. How is this different?” Then you just show them how it’s different.

1.Not having a redirect after they opt in.

thankyou page
Thank your audience for making the right decision

Now this one, believe it or not, does happen more often than not and this is a huge deal breaker. You spend all this time creating a good-looking landing page, getting a good design, creating the reports or creating the video or whatever it is.

Someone opts in to your page and then nothing happens. My name and email just disappeared.

So the customers starts to think “am I going to get the free thing? Is it going to be in my email box? I don’t know what’s happening here?”

And this is huge because the customer is probably going to take off and never, ever, come back to this again.

So the solution for this one is simple. Just create another page that they are redirected to after they submit the form. This could be a custom page that says something like, “Hey, thanks for opting in.

Your report is on its way. While you wait, you could check out this other offer we have,” just something. You want to include something because this is valuable real estate.

So you want to take advantage of the fact that someone just opted in. You have their full attention and you want to do something valuable with this real estate whether it be offer something new, tell them what they’re getting and then you want to make some type of new offer or ask them to share the page with their friends on social networks, things like that.

That’s it really for the top five landing page mistakes that I’ve seen business owners making.

your turn

Give  lead pages and headline analyzer a go and start building cash converting landing pages and turn those angry customers into happy customers.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he/she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.  Sam Walton

Tip:you can even use these headlines on other advertising channels like print and Radio

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