SMS Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Apply These 5 Effective Promotions To Grow Mobile Subscribers

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Break through the clutter factor and get potential clients to respond to advertising and marketing messages

Getting people onto your list can seem like one of the most challenging aspects of SMS marketing.

There is no need to feel that way, though, as obtaining subscribers is not as difficult as it might appear to be on the surface.

By creating interest and offering something that people want, you will find it relatively easy to grow your SMS list.


Effective list building, like with most any successful aspect related to marketing, requires a combination of convincing people that they want something, and letting people know about things that they already tend to want.

The average person has desires and needs, but they often need an extra incentive to make them go the final step towards the action that you wish for them to make.


First off, potential customers need to be interested in the product or service that you have to offer.

Each person already has an affinity for various items and services, so if you are offering something that already has an established market, you need to focus on letting this demographic know that you exist and that you are encouraging SMS engagement.You want to do this in a way that is interesting in order to make you stand out from the crowd.


If you own a restaurant, for example, you may want to highlight how you are unique and special as compared to the others in town. This can easily be done by utilizing print or online advertisements. You want to hook people in and cause them to desire to learn more about your establishment. If you serve a type of food or dish that nobody else does, this is the type of thing that you may want to highlight with a picture.


Once you’ve got the attention of and piqued the interest of your potential customers, it is time to up the ante by offering a special deal or promotion that is only available via SMS text message. Research has shown that a large percent of the public is willing to subscribe to an SMS list in order to receive discounts and have access to sales.


The key component to mobile user acquisition is offering incentives. Customers love deals and they tend to like them even more when they feel that they are part of an exclusive group that are special enough to receive them. Consumers often feel fortunate when they obtain a deal, and this makes them more likely to make a purchase.


SMS messaging is direct and of a personal nature. This makes it very effective in terms of giving your communications the appearance of being part of an elite club. Generally speaking, the more rare a thing is, the more valuable it is perceived as being. Many people on your list will joyfully receive and open each message you send in hopes of getting a good deal.


5 Effective Promotions To Grow Mobile Subscribers


1. Coupons – Customers love getting discount coupons, especially if they are exclusive. Most everyone likes to pay as little as possible for what they want. Offer some coupons for reception via text message and watch your SMS list grow.

2. Freebies – People also greatly enjoy getting free stuff. The offer of getting something for nothing is very enticing to many individuals. Another great aspect of this is that research has shown that once people receive something free from you, they then become more likely to feel as if they owe it to you to make a future purchase.If your service or product is something that is going to be new to most people, then offering a free sample can be especially important.

Many individuals are unwillingly to purchase anything that they are not familiar with. By providing access to a free sample, you encourage  many of these people to at least give a try to whatever you are offering.

3. Leverage Contests–  Customers can engage with your text-to-win contest in order to have a chance to win some sort of prize of value. These campaigns are non-recurring, so customers don’t expect to receive ongoing text messages after a text-to-win campaign has ended, however you send a second message that asks them to Join your List.

4. Special Treatment – Making a customer feel like they are elite can be an effective way to increase their loyalty to your business. Providing unique and fancy drinking cups or tables could be a way for a restaurant to reward those that are on their SMS list, for example. It does not have to be anything extravagant, as often it is just the thought that counts in the minds of your customers.

5. Time Sensitive – Consumers do not like to feel as if they are going to miss out on a particular deal. Therefore, the mere presence of a time-limited deal can often be enough to drive some of them to end up being SMS subscribers. A sense of urgency is often enough to push a customer over the edge when it comes to them choosing to make a purchase.


Bonus promotion: Make Their Voice Heard – Lots of people enjoy the idea of being able to provide feedback and opinion. A restaurant asking what type of soup is most favored, is a type of question that many customers would like to answer. By offering the ability to do this via SMS message, an eatery can help grow their subscriber base.


Acquiring mobile phone users for a list is definitely an important part of your SMS outreach efforts. In some ways, it is the most important because without a list you have nobody to market to. Thankfully, by being creative and by using some common sense marketing principles to get noticed, you can potentially grow your list to levels that you may have never thought were possible.


You can increase your subscriber numbers by being persistent in your efforts and by offering that which your potential customers desire. Everyone is looking for a deal, and everyone has an innate desire to feel special in some way. As a business owner or marketer, you need to recognize this and use it to your benefit. Doing so will help with not only growing your SMS list, but it will also assist you with your overall SMS marketing efforts.

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