Drives Sales and Engagement from Mobile with KUPONI SMART WIDGETS



Benefits of Kuponi Widgets

  1. Deliver Mobile Coupons that drive sales
  2. Increase Brand Affinity using Gamification
  3. Get Deeper insights about your customers
  4. Can be Advertised Online or Offline
  5. Can match your Branding (Website)

What are Smart Widgets?

KUPONI SMART WIDGETS take advantage of the sharp rise in Internet usage and Smartphone ownership in Kenya. Our Widgets are Light weight, interactive mobile content elements that integrate app-like engagement and data capture into any touch point.


  • 39.7 Million Mobile Subscribers
  • 26.8 Million Mobile Internet Subscriptions
  • 16.6 Million Monthly Active Mpesa Users
  • 10.8+ Million Smartphone Owners
Source: C.A.K & Safaricom

Who are they For?

Kuponi Smart Widgets can be used by any Business to Consumer Brands or Services.

Challenges Smart Widgets Solve?

  • Difficulty in making a return on Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Engaging Mobile content
  • Creating Mobile offers that Drive sales
  • Difficulty in Tracking sales from offers and promotions
  • Gathering information from Consumers

How Smart Widgets take all the pain away

Offers and Coupons
Kuponi mobile coupons go way beyond static offers, delivering interactive digital experiences that increase conversions, provide powerful analytics, and minimize the dangers of digital coupon fraud.
  learn more about coupon widgets 
Mobile offers and Promotions
Games, Prizes and FUN
Gamification on mobile devices remains one of the most valuable tools for encouraging customers to get involved with their campaigns.Drive Engagement with  Kuponi Games.
  learn more about game widgets 
Data Capture and CRM
Gather feedback from your customers and make informed decisions.
  learn more about  capture widgets 
Kuponi Ad Widgets enables Bloggers, brands and website publishers to serve fun & engaging HTML5 ad units on any website.
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Learn where your marketing shillings are generating meaningful results, and increase the power of your existing spend.

We also track All Events KPI based on type Widgets

  • Games – Started, completed & Prizes Claimed
  • Video – Played , Completed
  • Coupons – Saved, Viewed, Opened & Redeemed
  • Directions – Clicks
  • Shares – Facebook, Email, Pinterest & twitter
  • Timers – Starts, Ends
  • Clicks – Buttons & Links
  • Ads – Impressions, Clicks & Conversions
  • Coupon Codes – Total, Used, Remaining & Redeemed

Pricing Packages


Priced Monthly per User.



  • All Coupons
  • Analytics



  • Plus
  • Mobile Database
  • Digital Circulars
  • Gamification
  • Analytics



  • Offers and Coupons
  • Games Prizes
  • Analytics
  • Coupon Distribution