Reach your Customers FAST with KUPONI SMART MESSAGING



Benefits of Kuponi Smart Messaging

  1. Get your Messages seen in under 3 minutes
  2. Grow your Database Anywhere
  3. Save time with Powerful Scheduling

Why Build a Mobile Database?

KUPONI SMART MESSAGING helps you build a mobile list using sms and short codes of your current customers so you can have direct access, build engagement and deliver mobile offers.

A mobile database is a type of

Mobile Marketing Stats

Who is Kuponi Smart Messaging for?

Kuponi Database is for any Business to Consumer Brand or Service that is looking to for an easy, fast and affordable way to reach their customers.

Getting customers to opt-in and join your SMS database takes an aggressive marketing plan, creativity and patience.

Challenges Kuponi messaging Solves?

  • Difficulty in following up with current customer consistently and efficiently
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing of prospects and customers
  • Integrating campaigns using both online and offline marketing efforts
  • Poor promotion deliverability and reach

Kuponi Messaging Platform

Every Business gets 1 Keywords to build their Database using our shared 71777 Short code.

SenderIDs Vs Short codes

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Our team of mobile strategists are results-focused and can help you define a short-term and long-term mobile strategy that focuses on solving for key challenges and augments other marketing initiatives to drive measurable results.

We will help you define your mobile objectives and create a 3-6-12 month plan to establish your key performance indicators and determine what success looks like.

Whether you need ongoing support or are looking for a strategy workshop to jumpstart your mobile marketing program, we are available to help.

We use data to establish quick wins and sustainable results when going to market with the proper recommendations to integrate with in-store, social media and any other marketing channel.

We can help you:

  • Use mobile best practices built for long term growth
  • Create mobile database acquisition plan built around real data
  • Utilize our Mobile Acquisition and Offer Calculators to illustrate how to use key marketing channels to increase mobile subscribers

Mobile Marketing Management

Lets us take care of running your mobile database for you.

From scheduling, implementation and reporting, we will handle everything for you.

Our team of Digital paid media experts will also help you predictably grow your database using Digital Marketing.

Channels we use:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising

** Do note that you will need an advertising budget to pay these platforms to show your ads.


Per Member

Starts from


Upto 4 Messages a month

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do customers opt-in?
Is there a setup or management fee?
Do purchased credits expire?
Can I import a list of phone numbers?
How do subscribers Opt-Out?
What are the Platform requirements
How do I pay for Bulk SMS?

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