How to Dramatically Increase Holiday Sales with Mobile Coupons

December is an amazing month for many B2C brands and companies, it’s the period most make their highest revenue.

Customers will be spending most of their time researching and looking for Gifts, promotions and inspiration online during this period, especially on their mobile devices.

Kenya Consumer Shopping Statistics by Google

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Now is the time to strategize on how be part of their holiday season journey.

After all, they are going to be spending their money somewhere else if not with you right?

While this guide is for any B2C Business, its written for Industries Like 

  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Retail Shops
  • Bars and Lounges
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Takeaways
  • Leisure

While December has the potential of being great for you, it also comes with a couple of challenges.

[su_note note_color=”#f2e148″ text_color=”#020101″ radius=”6″] High Competition – Competition for your customers’ attention is very high, businesses will try to outshine each other with deals and promotions which could potentially hurt revenue.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f2e148″ text_color=”#020101″ radius=”6″]High marketing Costs – Marketing Channels like both offline and online will be in high demand and costs will rise.[/su_note]


So how do you WIN?


Here are some recommendations

  • Be different – Deals and discounts are great attention tools. However, consumers will expect them from your competitors as well.

Find creative ways to make yours stand out, one way is to add Gamification like contests, and giveaways to have customers interact and share with friends.

  • Focus on One major marketing channel – Unless you have a big budget, focus on one marketing channel and double down (aggressively market).

Especially on a channel that has brought success to your business before.

  • Focus on your consumer journey – Put yourself in your customers shoes and imagine how their journey will be.

Even better, pick up the phone and survey 10 – 15 of your customers and you will soon notice a pattern or learn something you didn’t know (this will make your marketing stand out).

  • Plan beyond December – Yes, it’s a great month but we all know what happens in January (Business is slow).

[su_note note_color=”#3b63fa” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]I am sure there are many businesses that do well in January but for most, it’s a slow month.[/su_note]


How To Distribute your Offers and Promotions with Mobile Coupons

According to the latest Q4 2016 CAK Report,  Kenya has a 90% mobile penetration rate. This means nearly every Adult customer can be reached via a mobile phone. Mobile Coupons can be a great way to distribute your offers, right where your customers spend majority of their time now.


A mobile coupon is an electric ticket solicited and or delivered by mobile phone that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or service – MMA


Pros and Cons of Mobile Coupons


Encourages Repeat purchases Coupon Fraud
Increases Product Awareness High Redemption Rate
Gets Customers to try New Products
Softens the blow on Price Increases
Responds to competitive pressure
Eco Friendly, and Easily Trackable
Moves Overstocked Inventory



Now, lets assume you have an amazing offer and are looking for a digital marketing channel for distribution.

Which Digital marketing platform do you choose?

Facebook, Google, Yahoo Or Direct Media Buys?

[su_note note_color=”#f2e148″ text_color=”#020101″ radius=”6″] For 90% of you that will be Facebook Ads.[/su_note]

Here’s Why…


Its Affordable – From $1/day Constantly Changing
Best Targeting Options Deceptively Easy
6M+ Widest Reach on a Single Platform Time & resource Intensive
Great Insights and Reporting Rented Audience (At FB’s Mercy)
Scale out to Instagram and third party Sites & Apps



2 Ways to Promote your Coupons in the Facebook News feed

Method 1: Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are a simple way to reward your loyal fans

Facebook offers help you create discounts offers you can share with your customers.

When people see your offer in the newsfeed (Desktop or Mobile), they can decide to claim it which saves it in their Offers Bookmark and also sends it to their registered email address.

They also get a Facebook notification about your Offer before it expires.

Here’s what I like about Facebook Offers

  • Can be redeemed Offline or Online
  • Can limit the total number of coupons distributed
  • Supports Discount codes and 1d and 2d barcodes
  • Notification before Offer expires


Here’s what I don’t like about Facebook Offers

  • Can only be promoted on Facebook
  • Limited insights on who claimed your offer (This is a huge drawback)
  • Can’t add supporting information like Content, Maps, Contact details
  • Can’t build a mobile or email list of prospects around your offers


 How to make sure your Facebook Offer is successful?

  • Make your discounts considerable
  • Test 2 or 3 offer types and Track which one outperforms the rest.
  • Promote your offers with Facebook Advertising
  • Don’t make your expiration dates to long. 5, 7, 14 days’ work best
  • Use 3 to 5 Photos to showcase your businesses/Offer’s major Benefits


Method 2: Kuponi Smart Coupons

[su_note note_color=”#f43133″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]Kuponi Smart Coupons are lightweight, Interactive Coupons that match Facebook offers but without the limitations.  [/su_note]


Detailed Reporting (measure your marketing Return ) Saved to SMS, EMAIL or Passbook (IOS)
Can be secured to Avoid Fraud Include Business Contacts & Location/s
6 Different types of Coupons Advertised Anywhere (Online or Offline)
Data Capture (Build a database) Shareable outside Facebook
Cheaper than Paper Coupons Expiration Reminders can be set



Kuponi Smart Coupons [LIVE DEMOS]

[su_spoiler title=”Standard Coupon” style=”fancy”]

  • A mobile coupon that can be saved for later

[su_spoiler title=”Timed Coupon” style=”fancy”]

  • A Coupon that counts down once activated

[su_spoiler title=”Single Use” style=”fancy”]

  • A Coupon that can be used only once per campaign.


[su_spoiler title=”Coupon Slider” style=”fancy”]

  • Presents Multiple Coupons together 

[su_spoiler title=”E-commerce Coupon” style=”fancy”]

  • A Coupon that increases online sales


[su_spoiler title=”Smart Newsletter” style=”fancy”]

  • Replace your email newsletter with a mobile newsletter of up-to 50 offers and Brand content (perfect for publishers, supermarkets, retailers and Brands with more than 5 offers) Contact us for a DEMO



Advanced Method: Kuponi Smart Coupons & Gamification

[su_note note_color=”#f43133″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]Take your Kuponi Smart Coupons to the next level with Gamification. Rewarding consumers who play to Win your coupons will not only raise your Brand affinity but conversations too as customers feel they earned the reward.[/su_note]


Kuponi Games [LIVE DEMOS]

[su_spoiler title=”Prize Wheel” style=”fancy”]

  • A wheel that gives a random prize

[su_spoiler title=”Scratch Cards” style=”fancy”]

  • Scratch to win a random size

[su_spoiler title=”Trivia Quiz” style=”fancy”]

  • Make a Fun Trivia Game for users.

[su_spoiler title=”Mini Memory” style=”fancy”]

  • A mini Memory game to win a prize



[su_note note_color=”#eff431″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”6″]CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SMART WIDGETS[/su_note]


3 Ways to Target the Best Audiences with Facebook Advertising

1) Fans & Friends of FansTargets your Current Fans and Friends

2) Facebook Interests & Demographics – If you’re just starting out, or want to find more people who look like your current Facebook Fans use the Audience Insights to help give you better understanding.

3) Custom Audiences – By far my favourite method to promote.

Custom audiences help you reach people you already know with ads on Facebook. All you need to do is upload them to Facebook

 Types of Custom Audiences


Outside of Facebook Inside of Facebook
Email List Video Views (Hot)
Phone Numbers Lead Form
Website Visitors Canvas
App Installers



Why Custom Audiences are awesome:

        • These people already know who you are – These means your ads can be more creative and personalized.
        • You can add layers to grow or narrow your audience – Example: A Bar wants to promote an upcoming Arsenal match and wants to lure Arsenal fans with an offer. The Bar can upload a customer list of people who paid via Mpesa and like “Arsenal” as an Interests
        • Once customers are matched (match rate depends on your customer type) you can have Facebook create a lookalike audience of similar people.

What is a Lookalike Audience?  

Once Facebook creates your Custom Audience list, you can have them look for similar audiences that behave like your current customers.  



Best Practises: Getting the Best out of Facebook Advertising

 1) Facebook Loves LARGE Audiences and SMALL Budgets

Once you’ve chosen your preferred audience, let Facebook do all the heavy-lifting for you. Especially when creating Awareness Boost campaigns


 2) More Data More ROI

Facebook Grades every user from a 1 – 10 scale, with 10 being users who make them the most revenue. These are users that click ads to websites, fill forms and buy from Ads.

The More you keep your Ads running the more Facebook understanding which users are engaging with them.

[su_note note_color=”405db3″ radius=”6″]This does not mean you will be profitable, its your Job to the create right message/offer, Its Facebook’s job to find the right audience and time (based on your targeting) [/su_note]


 3) Always be Branding and Converting

[su_note note_color=”405db3″ radius=”6″]We always recommend you have two campaigns running, one for creating awareness and one for converting those audiences. [/su_note]

Example:  you can have a “LIKE campaign” as the Branding campaign and a video campaign to convert those fans into prospects and ultimately buyers

Sadly, 90% of Business Pages just talk about their business on social media.

People don’t go to social media to buy 

They go for entertainment, product discovery and socializing with their friends and family.

For you and me that means using product Discovery as the main way to connect with new buyers.

We recommend creating valuable, engagement posts that pre-sell your offer


4) Build Audiences (Leads & Platform based)

Majority of the audiences who see your Ads are never ready to buy immediately, even if they showed interest by engaging (Clicks to Website, Likes, Shares and comments) with the Ad.

[su_note note_color=”405db3″ radius=”6″]This simply means that you got their attention. However, you still need to build trust and likeness to get the sale.[/su_note]

This is where Audience Building comes in and can be done in 2 ways. Inside of the Facebook platform or outside using 3rd party tools.


Inside of Facebook

                • [su_accordion]
                  [su_spoiler title=”Invite them to Like your Page” style=”fancy”]

                  Invite everybody who liked your Sponsored post to Like your Page?


                • Create and share more Engaging content (If you have surveyed your customers this wont be an issue)
                • Use Facebook Messenger to build one to one communication.
                • Use Facebook Videos to Build your Audience

Outside of Facebook

                • [su_accordion]
                  [su_spoiler title=”Build a Mobile Marketing List” style=”fancy”]

                  Smart Messaging
                  We recommend building a Mobile SMS database as the open rates are higher than email.


                • Promote using Memberships, Meetings, Workshops & Events – High priced products and services need more convincing hence a one to one with the customer is highly recommended


                • Its important to understand that while Holiday sales drive up revenue, its good to think beyond the holiday/season.
                • Building an audience gives you a much better chance to increase revenue as most customers rarely buy on the first, second or third touch.
                • Capturing prospect details while promoting your offers and building a relationship is by far the best way to create consistent revenue. Especially, after the Holiday season is over and marketing budgets dry up.






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