10 Deadly SMS Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Avoid SMS marketing Fails
Avoid these SMS marketing Fails


If you haven’t thought about integrating SMS marketing into your strategy to promote your business, now is a good time to do so. SMS guarantee instant deliverability, and provide your clients with the opportunity for a quick and easy opt-in and opt-out.

There are, however, some deadly mistakes that might turn your SMS marketing campaign into a fail:

  1. Forget to double-check

Excited about sending your first SMS to your clients? Better double check the content! You’ll be surprised to know how many companies forget to check their texts for errors and spelling or grammar mistakes. Ensure that you’ve included all relevant information, including contact details and a web address.

  1. No call to action

No one likes receiving meaningless texts. People won’t go to your website just to redeem their voucher or discount code – make it as simple and easy for them as possible. Remember to prompt your customers to register or claim their offer. Forgetting to tell your clients what you need of them can be incredibly damaging to your campaigns. Also remember to include all relevant contact details, so they can get in touch easily!

  1. No unsubscribe option

Your customers must have the right to opt-out of receiving promotional information, if they’d like – this is the law. So make sure you include either a link for an automatic unsubscribe, or a number they can call and do them themselves.

  1. No target audience

Generic texts will produce less results than specifically targeted texts that send relevant information to your customers. Make your clients feel special by sending them exactly what they’re looking for. You can create target groups, according to age, gender or location and my favourite behaviour.

  1. Overwhelming number of texts

You might think you need to let your customers know about every offer, discount, or new information about your business but in reality, most people don’t like SMS messages especially if its not personal, timely and exclusive. Also, make sure you don’t send the exact message every time, and wait around 1-2 weeks before sending more texts.

  1. You’re only interested in selling

If you push your products or services too much, you’ll lose customers. Don’t annoy them with constant promotions or urge them to buy. Instead, include funny or interesting videos,polls,surveys  and contest about your niche, or perhaps interesting information, relating to your business.

  1. Don’t Send during peak hours

Why? Because that’s when everyone sends their texts. Avoid sending text messages during the weekend, because that’s when the opt-out levels are highest. Choose times that your audience will be active but not overwhelmed by thousands of other promotional text messages.

  1. Poorly Choosen Short Code keywords

We can’t stress this enough – choosing the right promotional keyword is essential for the success of your marketing campaign. Ensure that you don’t include ambiguous characters or words that can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Many people confuse 0 with O, for instance. Also avoid quotation marks!

  1. Don’t develop pointless app

If you create an app, it needs to be a practical and useful one. Don’t offer an app that has nothing to offer. If you have an online store that is better than the website store – go for it! Another good idea is creating a time-saving app, such as price comparison shopping list.

  1. Lengthy opt-in procedure

Make sure that your clients can easily opt-in for your promotional services. If they have to try twice, or send numerous messages to subscribe, chances are that they’ll be discouraged and likely infuriated. Don’t drive your customers away and make the opt-in procedure as quick and pleasant as possible as well!

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