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5 Easy Steps To Establishing A Mobile Presence To Grow your Biashara

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Platform Comparison Market Share Industry experts predict that by 2015, the majority of the world’s internet traffic will happen over a mobile device, I believe this has already happened in Kenya with over 99% of internet subscription already on mobile according to latest CA report. Business Owners, Brands and retailers […]

Apply These Techniques To Understand Your Customer’s Journey Online

understanding your customers and learning how to engage them through their online experience is key for your business to succeed when it comes to digital marketing especially on mobile. The stages and steps along the purchase funnel of your customer’s journey are similar, however subtle differences exist. The purchase funnel is a linear view of the […]

5 Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Today I want to talk about five simple low cost and in some case, “zero cost” marketing strategies that you can put together as a small business. These are strategies that you can use whether you’re a medium-sized or even a large business. So this is something you can do if you’re a manufacturer, a […]

7 Insightful Tools to Better Understand your Customer

Twitter – Social Bakers Facebook – Audience insights + Graph Search Web – Similarweb + Heatsync + Google Search Keywords – Google Keyword planner  

3 Reasons To Run Native Ads Over Traditional Banner Ads

Native advertising  has been a hot topic since 2012. While its been around for years, big brands  now use native ads heavily in their marketing with great results. In this infographic from sharethrough you’ll learn just how effective Native advertising is as compared to traditional Banners ads Summary: 1. Native ads are more Visually enganging than banner […]

SEO in kenya Pt2: Local Tips For your Biashara’s SEO Success

Today, we’re going to talk about local search engine optimization. You probably heard about local SEO. But what is exactly local search engine optimization? Let’s say that you have a business with a physical presence, a store in the centre of Nairobi. In this case you will need to apply slightly different principles of search […]

1 Sneaky Trick to target your Ideal Kenyan Customer’s location on Facebook

Here’s a Sneaky Trick you can use to target local customers or specific locations in Kenya to grow your business. Love it? Subscribe for More Resources:

Web Psychology – 3 Secrets to Online Success

Here’s an introduction to web psychology and how to use it on your digital environments  from highly respected Nathalie Nahai.  

Content is king but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house

How Facebook calculates what shows up on your news feed — wow, fantastic post for growing your organic reach!

Stop losing Customers: 5 landing page mistakes to avoid

I’m going to walk you through the top five landing page mistakes I see people making all the time. As a marketer, I am always watching the Facebook ads on my right hand (Desktop) column and in my news feed. I’m always clicking over and checking out what other Kenyan business owners are doing and […]