Apply These Techniques To Understand Your Customer’s Journey Online

customer persona.fwunderstanding your customers and learning how to engage them through their online experience is key for your business to succeed when it comes to digital marketing especially on mobile.

The stages and steps along the purchase funnel of your customer’s journey are similar, however subtle differences exist. The purchase funnel is a linear view of the world through the marketer’s eyes and the marketer’s goals while your customer journey is a non-linear view with many interconnecting branches, many of which double back on each other.

It is a view of the world through an individual consumer senses and how he or she goes throughout their day, their week, their year or their lives satisfying their wants, needs and desires.

In today’s mobile world, it is critical that you aim to provide consistent brand experience to your customers across all mobile channels that they choose to reach you through or else you run the risk of missing the consumer and missing huge business opportunities.

Here’s a good example a customer journey.

Customer Journey mapping
Customer Journey mapping

To create your own customer journey road map, you want to envision every online and offline means by which your customers may choose to access your business and interact with you.

For example, will they see an ad you placed in local media, come to your website after searching on the web, find your app in an app store or call your customer service department for help? All of these touch points that need to be mapped out. If you think this is too much work, just remember that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Start your customer journey map with a generic customer in mind.

This could be any person. You first just want to get a broad outline of how someone might interact with your business. Ask yourself. If I were a customer, where would I look to buy my product? How would I find out about it? What problems would I be trying to solve with my product?

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Where do I shop?

What questions will I have about the product or service?

Where will I go for help if I need it?

Will I find the help I get useful?

Where will I go to ask my friends?

Will I ask them in person or is there a social site that I frequent?


Building your customer persona

customer persona 2.fwOnce you’ve completed this step, you will then want to start refining your customer journey map by getting more specific as to who your customers are.

This step is referred to as building your customer personas. Customer persona development is a lot like creating characters for a play where your customers are the heroes of the play and you’re the trusted guide or mentor.

Start your customer persona development by asking and answering more questions. For example, ask yourself,

If I was a customer or a potential customer of my company,

  • Who would I be?
  • Am I a busy professional or am I a busier stay-at-home parent?
  • What are my needs? How will my product help me fulfill my needs?
  • What is my demographic profile?
  • How old am I?
  • What is my gender?
  • What’s my income?
  • Where do I live?
  • What are my interests?
  • How are these interests influenced?
  • Are they influenced by media that I watch?
  • Games that I play by my friends?
  • What types of media do I consume?
  • Television? Magazines?
  • Books? Apps?
  • Websites?
  • Have I joined any email lists?
  • What is my behaviour?
  • Do I go online?
  • If so, how often?
  • What sites do I go to?
  • Do I have a mobile phone?
  • Do I play games?
  • Read the news?
  • Watch movies?
  • Do I use social media?
  • How might I be exposed to my product?

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Just keep asking and answering questions like these until you’ve exhausted them all. At the end, you may find that the people you are trying to reach don’t actually fit one nicely snug, single segment. You may find you are actually servicing many different types of customers, in which case you need to develop multiple persona’s or multiple segments.


Once you’ve identified the one, two, three  customer personas, the actual number will vary by your business. You will then want to use them to start marketing and reaching out to your customers. I also recommend creating a persona of your worst possible client, this will help you create better engaging content and products while  deterring those time wasters and nuisance customers.

Here’s another tip. When you’re developing your customer personas, segments and understanding how your customers might interact with you throughout their customer journey, be sure to do your best to really think about your customers and who they are and not necessarily project your own thoughts on to their behaviour.

smarphone intake in kenya.fwIf you’re an advanced user, that doesn’t mean everybody is an advanced user as well. More over, if you don’t use a lot of mobile capability, don’t assume that everybody else doesn’t. While mobile has been adopted by the majority of customers, there are still very few super users out there. Only about 13 percent of mobile users fall into this category.

Most users are still trying to get familiar with their device especially now that 67% Of Mobile Phones Sold in Kenya are Smartphones. They use maybe  five to ten applications on average and will only use an app for about 30 days. It’s really important that you look at your customer’s mobile behavior in great detail when developing your customer journey.

We now have 3.1M subscribers on smartphones. This numbers increases as older smartphones are handed down’ – Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom

Also keep in mind that different mobile capabilities tend to be more effective depending on how engaged the consumer is in the marketplace and the level of loyalty they have with your business.

So they may be a super user but if they’re early on in the customer journey or purchase funnel, they may not want to interact with you via mobile at all or they may be a novice user but really use a lot of mobile experiences with you because they’re so enamored with your brand.

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