Apply These 7 Effective Techniques To Drive Sales With SMS Marketing

With Kenya expecting the economy to expand by 6.9 per cent in 2015. Here’s seven powerful techniques you can use to Drive sales to your Biashara and not get left behind. Let’s dive in.

1.Building your Email list with SMS text messaging

 Email is still the most powerful way to communicate online
Because email is still the most powerful way to communicate online

Everyone says the money is in the list. Well, now you can build it using text message marketing coming from the number one device that all of your customers already have.

So how to build your email list. First, you need to understand that there’s going to be times when your customer is not near a computer to opt in, right? You’re going to have offers. They’re going to be – maybe listen to your podcast, etc. and they’re not going to be by a computer to opt in to join your email list when you create this amazing offer and call to action.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t convert them, right? Whether they’re listening to the radio, a podcast, maybe watching a video on YouTube or even from their phone, watching TV or even looking at signage maybe within a physical establishment, you can create an SMS call to action to acquire their email address. If you’re at a networking event and someone is interested in what you do, just tell them to text your keyword to your short code.

One of the best ways to use SMS right now is to build your email list.


2.Building a mobile database for future marketing messages

Now here’s the deal. SMS text messages have a 95+ percent open rate compared to email which averages about 20 to 25 percent depending on the industry you’re in.


Not only that. But over 90 percent of messages are read within three minutes. That is the most immediate channel that you have at your disposal right now. So I want you to leverage time-sensitive communications to promote offers, maybe new products or services, specials, things that you have going on your business that you would love to communicate to your customer in an immediate way. All right?


You might not have even seen this yet, some of the top brands send weekly messages with tips, offers, sale information, coupons and more. You get service-based messages probably from your wireless carrier. Maybe your dentist, things like that.So not only can you have an email list that delivers value, now you can create a mobile database that complements that email list and deliver new value to your audience in the most immediate way possible.


3.Creating loyalty and retention using SMS marketing

The more loyal your customers are, the more likely they are to buy from you.


Having a loyal base of customers makes forecasting in many areas a lot more manageable

One of the key things about retention or key aspects of retention is just creating an ongoing dialogue with your customers. So, how do you do that? Well, by providing consistent valuable information.  I recommend about four times a month. That’s about once a week where you’re going to be offering a very personal engagement opportunity.


Think about your mobile device. It’s a device that you have 24/7. Most of us sleep within three feet of our phone. So you’re actually going to create a connection with your customer,  that is unlike any of the other connections that you have right now. It complements your email strategy and gives you another weekly touch point that you know will be received.

We know that 95+ percent are opened. We know that most of them are read within three minutes. But you’re probably only emailing two, tops three times a week. Well, if you want to stay top of mind, you can deliver another message each and every week using text messaging.


Deliver exclusive info  only to your mobile database, which will make them feel special and that keeps you top of mind.You don’t want to just repurpose exactly what you’re sending via email because that kind of defeats the purpose. The way you’re going to get people into your mobile program is by having some unique, exclusive value that they might not be able to get anywhere else and maybe not even on your email list.


This is a new immediate way to drive sales. If you keep talking to them every single week, once every week, you have another opportunity where you can drive them to your website to take action. If you have a physical location, drive them to your establishment to make a purchase.


4.Driving sales with coupons and offers

global redemption rate of mobile coupons will average at over 8% by 2016 – juniper Research

With such high deliverability and open rates, you will can actually see  10 times more engagement rate than email. Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more than email or printed offers. If you can engage more people to come and redeem your offers and participate in your promotions, the more likely you are to increase your sales.


You can increase your redemption rate by providing a specific call to action to your mobile database. You could as well drive to a mobile website or a physical store with that time-sensitive opportunity and track instant action.  There is almost always an expiration date of about two to four days tops. This makes your users, your customers, your prospects take immediate action especially when the offer is spot on and relevant to what they want.


Now you can also leverage offer codes to increase your customer’s average order value. This is one of my favourite things to do. So if you know your customer already spends say 1000 Ksh and you send them an offer code or a promotional code that to them within minutes. That will drive them within a matter of days, possibly even those minutes to redeem that code.


Here’s an example “Hey, when you spend 1500 Ksh, we will give you 200 Ksh back.” Every person that redeems typically spends 1000 Ksh, so you will have just increased their average order value by 300 Ksh. Imagine how you can leverage these offers in your own business to just make your existing customers spend more money.


5.Creating excitement and entertainment with a text-to-win campaigns.

Maximise your Contests to grow your mobile database

Text to win contest are popular with big brands and are normally advertised on TV and  radio.One cutting edge strategy, is to tie an incentive to your opt-in call to action and experience spikes in your subscription rate. You will see a lot of businesses offer a coupon or a chance to win something, a prize, that really entices their prospects to opt in.


So, new contests encourage prospects to join. So you could have a contest every month or every quarter. Create new contests offering different types of products/Services that you can see what sort of incentives your audience likes.Now the potential to win will also re-engage your current customers. So this is not only a tactic to bring in new customers but you will also re-engage current customers that maybe have stopped engaging with you.


Lastly, you can offer something fun to your audience when offering up prizes that actually build your audience at the same time. So you can say, “Hey, by texting, you’re going to be entered for a chance to win a free trip to have a full day strategy session with me,” or you can do something fun. Like hey, you have a chance to win a brand new iPhone 6.


Create something that your audience is going to want that’s relevant for your audience, your business, your type of customer, and that will make your customer want to opt in to your list. So you can start doing all of these other things that we just talked about.


6.Allowing Customers to Text for More information.

Not all campaigns have to be recurring, right? They can actually provide a value or utility. So say you have an app. You can have prospects text in to get the download link for your application. It will take them maybe to the iTunes App Store or it will take them to Google Play.


You could deliver your address or directions if you have a physical store. There are plenty of businesses out there that you can really just text into them and they will give you their hours, their address with links to a map and directions on how to get there, right?You can also offer any information that they may need just by texting. So don’t let address or links to download apps or whatever really kind of limit you. Whatever common info your customer may need, now they can get it just by texting in and you will learn how to do that here shortly.


7.Increasing event/attendance rates.

How much does a failed appointment cost your business?

If your business relies on getting people to show up to a live event or whether that’s in person or online because you’re maybe going to make an offer to them. You want to get as many people on to that event as possible, right?By sending text message reminders, you will get more people to show up to your events with just a simple, timely reminder. This can actually increase your attendance rate  anywhere from 10 to 35 percent of what you’re normally used to seeing in regards to attendance.


Reduce no shows. if you’re in a business that actually relies on appointments or  recurring events, like coaching sessions, dental clinics, gyms, health spas or medical centres, there are so many instances where you can be losing money just by people not showing up.If you could reduce those no shows with text message reminders, think about all the money that you would recoup by rescheduling or filling those cancelled appointments.


There you have it! That’s seven ways that you can use text message marketing to grow your audience and drive sales.

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