Samuel Kimani Gachui

Hi, I’m Samuel Kimani the founder of Chui Media, and if you have ever asked yourself:

How can I get digital marketing to work for me and grow my business by creating consistent Income?

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

I believe smart entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, marketing directors and managers such as yourself want to win in today’s overcrowded Digital marketplace and my GOAL is to help you WIN.

My friends, clients and coaching Students just call me “Sam” or “Chui”. I am an online media buyer and conversion specialist, and my main goal is to help businesses like yours create consistent income through Digital marketing.

I am a father of three Kids (Megan, Sean and Tyler) and husband to my beautiful wife Juliet. I live for my family and they are the main reason I do what I do.

I currently reside in Norwich, England but my focus is always on helping Kenyan businesses reach their full potential.

Besides my family, I am passionate about two things Entrepreneurship and Digital marketing and relish the challenges that come with it, been at it since 2007. I am an avid Sports fan with Football and Arsenal F.C being my Favourite passion.

My goal is to provide the best information I possibly can and take pride in being at the forefront in all that I do. I stay ahead of the pack by joining top masterminds and exclusive marketing groups that use cutting edge digital marketing strategies. I then test and share that knowledge with my peers, clients and people who subscribe to my newsletter and read my blog.

I encourage you to connect with me personally on LinkedIn and Facebook or even plain ol Email  . Let me help break through the noise and confusion by showing you how digital marketing will grow your business instead of wasting your valuable time and money on things that don’t.

My philosophy is that you cannot take clicks, views and Impressions to the bank, so I focus on meeting R.O.I Goals and targets. This has made me very sought after. Hence I am also selective with the people I work with. I also can’t guarantee R.O.I to every client I work with. That would be Impossible. 


Want some killer advice that you won’t find anywhere else on how to leverage Digital marketing to take your business to the next level?

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