5 Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes Kenyan Businesses Make

100724873-despondent-small-businessman-gettyp.530x298Facebook Marketing is getting more popular among Kenyan businesses in 2014, I see at least 10 to 15 different companies use Facebook advertising each week which is very encouraging.

However many are struggling to make it work as they don’t understand the basics.

Mastering Facebook is key, if your business is to succeed especially through social media.

Here’s are the five common Facebook marketing mistakes I see Kenyan Businesses doing

1.   Broadcasting

This is the worst mistake I see Kenyan businesses doing. Over 90% of you are just broadcasting your messages instead of providing Relevant and Engaging content on a regular basis.

With Facebook, marketers of any size can do effective, word-of-mouth marketing at scale for the very first time. But Facebook is all about authenticity, so if your company is not being authentic or engaging with customers in a way that feels genuine, the community will see right through it, says Facebook spokeswoman Annie Ta

Facebook is all about Engagement and not just broadcasting your messages. Think about it? How do you use Facebook when not marketing your business? Do you just blast your friends with details of every single thing you did today?

Your Fans are looking for real connection with you and will reward you and stay, if you post engaging and relevant content. They want to feel that you’re one of them”, remember people buy from people and not Facebook Fans.

I know profit is always the end goal, but if you provide a meaningful, authentic online social experience to them “they will listen and buy from you”

2. Using Facebook Ads the Wrong Way

A day never goes by without me seeing a Facebook ad that’s been set up using the BOOST POST FEATURE or has NO CALL TO ACTION or being WRONGLY TARGETED.

Let’s break each down.

Boost Post

Boosting a post will only work if you have already have a high engaging audience and is always more expensive to run as the targeting options have been stripped down to make it easier set it up.

Call to Action

Always tell the customer what to do, silly as it sounds don’t assume they know what you’re asking. Just know your ads will perform better if you do.


I see ads targeted to females on my newsfeed all the time. Unless it’s an offer targeted to males who are in relationships with females, you really shouldn’t run ads that way.

Newsfeed ads

I see plenty of desktop right column ads and nowhere enough of newsfeed ads. Given over 80% of Kenyans use Facebook through mobile this is a gold mine you’re not taking advantage of.

If you’re running your ads like this, STOP! You’re throwing your hard earned money away. If you want Facebook advertising to work for your business, learn to use the Facebook ad manager or even better the power editor for better ad set up and targeting.

3.   Using Boring Filler Content

Kenyan business owners forget that Facebook is a social place where people share things they find funny, interesting or useful with their friends. Think about what kind of content your fans would actually want to see and share when planning your posts. Always ask yourself what kind of emotion my post will spark from my audience. Will they cry, laugh, get angry, shout or be proud when they see them.

Status updates by themselves can get boring. But then again, so do photos, videos and multimedia as a whole. Your duty is to mix it up. The moment you become predictable, boring or annoying, they’ll do the dreaded hide, unfollow or even Report as Spam. So keep it varied and personal—a video here, a photo here, a tag of one of your fans here and reply to comments”

Using give-aways and contests to keep engagement high between you and your fans is  great strategy to make your business page exciting.

4.    Not Using Facebook Metrics and Tools

Facebook has a gold mine of information available to you. If you use its tools correctly and master the insights that matter,  you can optimise your business presence on Facebook. With the help of Insights your can Increase Engagement, Likes, Traffic and most importantly boost revenue to your business.

The problem is, most of business owners are focusing on surface metrics instead of the metrics that matter. As a result you’re wasting time and money.

I agree that is not entirely your fault as Facebook does throw a lot of half-baked insights at your face every time you log in. Stats like how what percentage of fans saw your post and how many fans you lost or gained this week don’t give you the who picture especially if spending money on ads.

Stop caring about how many fans your posts reached and start caring about actions. A high audience reach doesn’t necessarily mean more sales, leads or registrations. Not to say a high audience reach doesn’t matter. It does, especially when promoting a time sensitive campaign or knowing the best time your post for audience.

5.   Lack of Time Investment

Most Kenyan businesses have a set it and forget it mentality when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Don’t think people will just naturally come and want to be a fan of your business page. It’s takes a lot more commitment otherwise your fan growth that will suffer.

It may also dent your relationship with your existing fans, especially your customers who are used to timely responses to their questions.

I think the problem lies with the way we operate off the Internet. In Kenya, offline media buying is huge, methods such as print, billboards and Radio still work well but are totally different to digital advertising especially Facebook. Don’t expect to put an banner or a fan page and think “let the money roll in” you will be shocked.

Creating and maintaining an engaging fan page is just the start of your online cash generating asset. Which is how you should always think of your fan page.


Your Turn

Forget the build it and they will come mentality and start making personal connections with your customers today and watch them turn from fans into customers.


  1. kahiu
    May 14, 2015 at 10:21 am

    very informative article. i think they is one thing you left out in your list. most business and even individuals need to understand social media is social unlike an office. so people should post like a fan and less like a marketer this will give them more engagement with their followers/fans.

    1. Samg
      May 14, 2015 at 12:03 pm

      I agree Dane, companies should have a more social approach on social platforms as direct selling hardly works.

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