47+ EPIC Digital Marketing STATS Every KENYAN Entrepreneur and Marketer needs to Know.

2016 Digital Marketing Statistics in Kenya Infographic
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I love digital marketing statistics, they help me gauge customer adoption of the latest digital platforms and Channels.

However, seeing them in an pretty Infographic is one thing…

Making actionable marketing strategies based on them is where you truly start to see the value.

To help my fellow Marketers and Entrepreneurs get ‘up-to-speed’, am sharing these 47+ Digital Marketing Stats I believe will help you make the best marketing decisions for your business.


[su_spoiler title=”Mobile Landscape” style=”fancy”]

  • 38.9+ Million Mobile Subscribers
  • 26.7+ Million Mobile Internet Subscriptions
  • 21.5+ Million Mpesa Subscriptions
  • 12.7+ Million Smartphone/Tablet Owners

Sources: CAK and Safaricom

[su_spoiler title=”Mobile Vs Desktop” style=”fancy”]

  • 82% Mobile
  • 15.72% Desktop
  • 1.37% Tablet
  • 0.02% Console

Sources: Statcounter

[su_spoiler title=”Smartphone Usage” style=”fancy”]

Most Used Features
  • 85% Messaging
  • 79% Calling
  • 78% Surfing
  • 45% Entertainment
  • 31% Online Shopping

Sources: Jumia


[su_spoiler title=”Market Share” style=”fancy”]

Vendor ( Mobile)  – Feb 2016 to Feb 2017
  • 51.09% Unknown
  • 4.o6% Samsung
  • 2.67% Huawei
  • 1.2% Infinix
  • 1.82% LG
  • 1.19% Alcatel
  • 1.16% Tecno
  • 1.08% Htc
  • 0.88% Vodafone
  • 3.72% Other
O.S (Desktop & Mobile) – Feb 2016 to Feb 2017
  • 72.65% Android
  • 9.7% Windows 10
  • 7.32% Unknown
  • 4.o6% Linux
  • 2.67% Series 40
  • 1.2% Nokia
  • <1% IOS
Top 5 Internet Browser (Desktop & Mobile) – Feb 2016 to Feb 2017
  • 71.01% Opera Mini (Mobile)
  • 10.02% Chrome (Mobile&Desktop)
  • 3.81% Opera 12 (Mobile)
  • 3.79% Firefox
  • 2.87% Android (Mobile)

Sources: Statcounter

[su_spoiler title=”Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Focus your Marketing Campaigns through the eyes of your customers’ (Mobile & Desktop) journey.
  • While Smartphone ownership and Mobile Data is growing Fast. However, SMS and USSD still have the widest reach of any mobile Channel.
  • Build and test responsive digital assets like your website to caters to all types of screen sizes.
  • Use Micro commitments that lead consumers to the End goal (baby steps). For example: Gamification (survey, scratch cards, contests, loyalty programs) that lead to offers customers can redeem.
  • Create 3 – 12 months Marketing plans based around your business goals and Objectives.
  • Create Weekly/Monthly content calendar based on your customers interests.




[su_spoiler title=”Consumer Behaviour Stats (2016)” style=”fancy”]

  • 44% of Kenyans use smartphones
  • 92% of Kenyans use both feature phone and smartphone
  • 17%  of Kenyans use a computer
  • 40% of Kenyans access the Internet daily
  • 30% of Kenyans use one screen – a computer, smartphone or tablet

Sources: Google Consumer Barometer
[su_spoiler title=”Consumer Behaviour Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • People are connected now more than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones. Check out Google’s Consumer Barometer to understand how your Customers are using the Internet in their daily lives.




[su_spoiler title=”Social Landscape” style=”fancy”]

  • 6.9+ Million on Facebook
  • 3+ Million on YouTube
  • 2.2+ Million on Twitter
  • 1.4+ Million on LinkedIn
  • 1.3+ Million on Instagram

Sources:Facebook, LinkedIn, Nendo and Google 
[su_spoiler title=”Social Media Marketing Stats” style=”fancy”]

  • 52% of companies say Facebook is the most effective social channel for customer engagement
  • 81% of Facebook’s audience in Kenya use mobile only
  • 86% of social media users want to and do follow brands on social platforms
  • 57% are annoyed with too many promotions by brands
  • 75% have purchased something because they saw it on social
  • 57% are more likely to buy from a brand they follow

Sources: sprout social, Facebook, buzz sumo and buzzfeed
[su_spoiler title=”Social Media Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Create a Marketing Calendar based on your consumer’s journey and business goals
  • Use Facebook and Other social media Channels to Build your OWN Database Audience.
  • Drive audiences to Mobile pages/websites to get better conversions and sales instead of  Social Post Engagements.
  • Use the Pareto principle when it comes to posting content 80%(engagement) and 20%(advertising) posts.
  • Use VIDEO posts for Increased Awareness, Engagement and Consideration.
  • Use Facebooks’ Audience Insights to better Understand your Customers Interests.
  • Understand your Customers path to purchase and Match your Facebook ads Objectives according to your own Business Objectives.
    • Brand Awareness
    • Clicks to Website
    • Website Conversions
    • Video Views
    • Lead Generation
    • Engagement
  • Improve your Relevance Score when advertising to reduce ad spend by
    • Being specific with your targeting
    • Considering your Ads image and message
    • Refreshing your Ads
    • Learning from Testing Different Ad angles
    • Avoid using offensive and misleading content (Click bait) 




[su_spoiler title=”Local Search Marketing Stats” style=”fancy”]

  • Google 3-pack appears in 93% of local Searchers
  • 50% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within a day
  • 87% of smartphone owners use a search engine at-least once a day
  • 78% of Local-Mobile searches result in offline purchases
  • 76% of local searches result in a phone call

Sources: search engine land, search engine watch, AdWords and search engine watch
[su_spoiler title=”Local Search Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Complete Set-up and verify your Local listing on Google my Business for your business to show up for searches
  • Ask your customers to leave reviews on your Google Listing by
    • Placing review cards in your business
    • Placing review Widget on your website
  • Show case your reviews on your website using Widgets
  • Place your business information in as many online directories as possible.




[su_spoiler title=”Mobile Marketing Stats” style=”fancy”]

  • 90% of all SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • The Open Rate of SMS is 98% Compared with 22% of Emails
  • Mobile offers/coupons are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers
  • Average Click Through Rate of SMS is 14% Compared to just 2% Email and 1% Internet
  • 99% of apps only get used once.
  • 43% of SMS Responses are Within 15 Minutes
  • 96% of smartphone users text.
  • Over 80% of people would only like to receive a maximum of 2 marketing messages per month

Sources: tatango, txtmarketer, mobile marketing engine, acision, Digital marketing Magazine and fivestars
[su_spoiler title=”Mobile Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Engage and Promote consistently to your customers by Building a mobile Database.
  • Build your Database using SMS and Short Codes as they can be advertised anywhere.
  • Do not send SMS marketing messages without Prior consent from your consumers.
  • Sender IDs limit Database growth as they are intended for Alerts and Notifications, not Marketing.
  • Use Mobile Coupons to deliver your Offers and Promotions
  • Don’t Build an App if its not going to be one of your main drivers of your business goals and objectives.




[su_spoiler title=”Digital Marketing Challenges” style=”fancy”]

  • 74% of SMEs are not using any tools to measure Online to Offline R.O.I
  • 47% Have little Knowledge to run Digital Marketing campaigns
  • 43% Have very little time in the day to maintain Digital campaigns
  • 30% Have a little or no advertising budget 
  • 26% Don’t have enough resources/Staff

Sources: rocks digital, forbes, belly and fivestars 
[su_spoiler title=”Digital Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Working with a Digital Agency can save you over 80% in Reporting and Management tools.
  • Digital Agencies also take care of the management of Campaigns which can take a lot of effort and time to Manage.
  • Digital campaign budgets can be scaled or decreased to any amount based on the Campaign objectives.
  • While Facebook and Google make it easy to run ads, they take the flexibility and control of out campaigns which increase costs in the long run.




[su_spoiler title=”Customer loyalty Marketing Stats” style=”fancy”]

  • 50 – 60% of your customers will never return after the first visit
  • 70% of small business don’t have a loyalty program
  • VIP and loyalty program members are 70% more likely to spread the word about your business (loyalty 360)
  • 20% of your total customer base account for 80% of total revenue
  • Building loyalty with 5% more customers lead to an increase average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%
  • You need 9 first time shoppers to reach conversion of one repeat customer
  • 66% of small business owners say that finding new customers is a top concern.
  • 40% of small business owners say that retaining customers is a priority.
  • 90% of consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them.

Sources: mobile marketing engine, sales fuel, bluecorona, salesforce, loyalty 360 and belly
[su_spoiler title=”Loyalty Marketing Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • If you are on tight Budget, Focus on creating a loyalty program that increases average order value and frequency of your current customers.
  • More is Better (more members, more activity, more spending)
  • Gather as much data as you can from your Loyalty list.
  • Signing your Customers via Staff is the best and most affordable way to grow your database.
  • Creating a simple VIP loyalty program (Mobile Database) using SMS and Short Code is Fastest way to get started.
  • Use a Contest + Reward to Sign Customers up quickly
  • Make it Easy for customers to Sign up
  • Make your rewards/Experiences valuable
  • Build out a 90 – 120 Engagement plan




[su_spoiler title=”Customer Engagement Stats” style=”fancy”]

  • 60% of marketing today is untargeted and not relevant
  • 50% of consumers disengage with brands because of irrelevance
  • 41% of consumers would consider ending a brand relationship because of irrelevant messaging
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated
  • 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations

Sources: 3radical, funmobility, salesforce, and oracle 
[su_spoiler title=”Consumer Engagement Tips” style=”fancy”]

  • Adding Gamification increases email open rates by +86%. Imagine what it can do for your Mobile Database or Current Marketing.
  • Gamification also Increases Brand Affinity and consideration because of the experience it delivers.
  • Creating and Delivering your Marketing based on the consumers current Time, Location and behaviour produces the highest R.O.I


Did you find these Stats Helpful?

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