3 Sneaky Ways to Drive Facebook Fans to Your Business this Easter

easter-marketingAre your struggling to convert your Facebook fans into Business? Do you feel like Facebook is just for socialising and is you costing valuable time and money for doing just that?

Facebook marketing when done wrong, actually hits you where it hurts the most “your wallet”.  It steals your time and freedom of what you love doing most, growing your business. Thousands of businesses in Kenya suffer with these indignities and it’s just not fair.

Every day you’re spending hours on end searching for content, taking pictures and writing posts hoping will go Viral. Did you know only 8 – 10% of your fans actually see your posts because of the Facebook edge rank? It’s actually much less than that if you don’t post during the peak hours when your fans are online. If you continue down this route, you will just be burning away your hard earned money and time.

On Average, Kenyans spend more money socialising and eating out during Easter than any other holiday.

Kenyans will not travel but they intend to spend more over Easter. The expenditure patterns are focused on eating out. There does not seem to be much to do over the Easter seasonsaid Maggie Ireri, managing director Ipsos-Synovate Kenya.

As of March 2015, there are roughly 4,400,000 Kenyans using Facebook and thousands joining each day. So how can you turn the tide and game Facebook for a change to grow your business this Easter?

Here are 3 sneaky ways that can help drive customers to your business this Easter.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announces the limited beta release of Graph Search
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announces the limited beta release of Graph Search

Learn your Customer using Facebook’s Social Graph

Facebook social graph is an amazing search tool that can reveal anything shared on Facebook. Whether you have a Fan base or not, the social graph will get you started on the right path.

An Example of how you would use it to find out what and when your customers does on Facebook is by asking questions like;

  • What are their favourite pages
  • What Interests do they have
  • What apps do they use
  • What places have they been to
  • What groups do they belong to
  • What posts do they like in this pages
  • What do they comment the most
  • What’s their Age group


Make a note of the pages and groups that come through when doing these searches, especially the top 10. Once your average these out,  you should get a clear understanding of your Audience which in turns helps you write better post as you now know what they like.

Make sure your language is “English (US) for social graph to show and No it does not work on mobile, desktop only

As my favourite cartoon GI JOE back in the day used to say “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle

Share exclusive Easter Limited discounts and promotions

Offering timely promotions or coupons to your current and potential customers on Facebook can bring massive business during Easter. Including Expiry dates and other deal sensitive claims. This makes it hard for your clients to forget about offer, remember they want to spend money during Easter, if not your business then your competitors.  According to Socially Stacked, 42% of Facebook fans like a page in order to get a discount or coupon. A study by Wildfire Interactive showed that coupon-based campaigns received the highest engagement rates. Giveaways and sweepstakes came in just behind coupons as highly engaging post types.

Use Facebook Advertising

OH NO!  Not more money to spend on Facebook? Let’s face it, Facebook is now a public company with shareholders which means, they need to make money and lots of it. This is good thing for us business owners, when I started using Facebook back in 2009 its clunky ad platform never had the targeting options we have today i.e. Newsfeed targeting which millions of  Kenyans access every day no matter what device you use. To keep its users happy and not bombarded by brands, Facebook limits the amount of brands that show up on the newsfeed by showing only the ones that user’s actually engages (posts, shares, likes and comments) with. Only your highly engaging posts showup which means you have to spend money for your posts to be shown. Now, for Facebook marketing to work it boils down to two things

A great offer/content + great targeting = $$$ Facebook $$$ (wanted to use KES but just doesn’t look Kool enough!)

A great offer/content can go viral with very little help, so what’s really makes a great offer? Knowing and Engaging your Audience

Sometimes we get caught up on our own egos and just assume that every post we come up with is great which actually hurts your business. Why take the risk when you can simply know the best offers and content just by asking your audience. Now for the Kool part, Facebook allow you to advertise to your customers using a post called a dark post. A dark post is a post that shows up on your customers’ newsfeed but is hidden from your own. This means you can test as many posts as you want without them ever showing up on your business page.

Setting up dark posts can only be done by the Facebook power editor which is a chrome browser extension.

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