2 Sneaky Ways to Drive Customers to your Local Business Using Facebook

99% of the time, your just  not going to target  your “Ideal Customer” correctly in Facebook  for your local business in Kenya.

The Kenyan audience is not broken down by cities & towns like other countries with large audiences like South Africa for Example . However, most of the time you don’t have to.

If you have been in business for a considerable amount of time, you should have list of customer phone numbers or email addresses already.

Have those Customers liked your page, already? First step is to Invite them.

However doing that alone wont work so well.

Putting up a custom audience in Facebook and saying, “Hey, come like our page.” might not work because if it’s an “Ugly Niche”, people are still not going to like it.

Your customer does want to Facebook_like_thumb  “ugly niches” i.e. dentistry, accounting, professional services  type pages . They just don’t care.  But you want to be able to market to your customers long-term.

So what you have to do is  mix point of sale marketing with social.

If you can, upload your custom audience list and target your customers with a sale or promotion, if you can measure money in versus money out and get Return On your Investment, you’re good to go, right?

Giving Discounts to Drive Likes to your Facebook Business page

Facebook will reward you with cheaper advertising If you have Likes on your Page
Facebook will reward you with cheaper advertising If you have Likes on your Page

Now if you want to get sneaky and get really good responsive audiences, mix local point of sale marketing with social engagement.

Want to get a discount on this item? Like US. If you a mechanics shop, an attorney’s office, any of those ugly niches I mentioned above and you can actually give a discount by law on your services, do so at the point of sale where your customer is going to pay for it.

No Customer can refuse a discount!

example:  “Want a “00%” Discount? Follow these easy steps

  1.  like us on Facebook.
  2.  claim your discount here.

Of cause you can do the same thing  with your customers when asking for reviews and referrals as well.

So here’s what I usually do for my clients, we’ll set-up a two-step funnel where it says step one, like us on Facebook. Step two, claim your discount here. And I make them opt in to claim that discount. And then as soon as they opt in usually with email or whatever else we’re using, will send them a coupon code that they show on their phone to the person that’s checking them out. And they give them 10% off, 5% off or whatever deal that you set. It’s very simple to set it up.

Doing this gets your a highly engaged like and  lead so you can build a custom audience. You now get an email list with high deliverability and a Facebook audience 🙂

My main point is, you need to use other mediums to grow your fan-base whether it’s passion based or an ugly niche. If you’ve got online traffic or offline traffic like a point of sale, use them. That’s a medium of traffic that you take advantage of.

Doing viral giveaways in the Facebook News Feed

I’ve seen this work really well for car dealerships however you can apply it to almost any market. Most people need to buy a car at some point right? So dealerships just give away an iPad (high value and relevant to the market), and they do it right in the Facebook News Feed. And they get tons of leads because all their doing is targeting with a Facebook News Feed ad to a broad audience for people who like electronics or Interests liked by their audience.

Everybody wants to win a free iPad and if your business is one they’ve never heard of or is new, doing a give away creates instant credibility as the law of reciprocity now comes in play. Customers will know that they can trust  and  Facebook_like_thumb your business page and then hopefully win the give away.  Doing giveaways create high click-through rate your ads and engagement so your business will get likes from people local in the area. And if it’s  broad  offer like cars or restaurants they work really, really well.

So, well let’s not think local. Let’s not think ugly niches. Let’s think how we apply these methods to everywhere you promote while giving value and building trust. We want to actually cross-market our like button everywhere we can. However you have got to realize that if your business page is ugly, the posts are going to die, and really quickly.

What you need to understanding is that, even if your page is ugly and it’s going to die by nature. It is still good to get Facebook_like_thumb no matter what. It’s always going to be valuable because Facebook will reward you for building those fans with cheaper advertising.

Once you get your page to a decent size (depends on your business), you  don’t even have to actually use interests  and targeting when buying ads any more, just market to your page with a boost post , to get massive R.O.I and that’s all you have to do because you worked hard on building your fan page up for a very long time.

“The ability to GROW a business and produce INCOME comes down to being able to use paid traffic at break even or better.”

So, continue to  get likes for your business page  ugly or Not. They will continue to be important part of your business and Facebook will continue to  reward with cheaper ads prices for them.

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