2 Crucial Reasons to Build Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Tabs
Facebook Tabs help showcase your business services and help collect leads

There are a lot of benefits to having a fan page. The biggest benefit of them all is having the tabs in your fan page as well as being able to have more than 5000 friends and Facebook has recently allowed you to have followers on your personal profile.

However your personal profile, is meant to build relationships with people. You can have your old friends from high school. You have your family. You have your work friends. You have lists for your business friends. You have lists for your customers and you nurture those relationships and you can create posts in your personal profile that go out to those specific people and then you can look at those lists of people and communicate with them.

So your personal profile is really about nurturing a bunch of different groups of people, however your fan page is about being able to go deep on one specific topic and you can have millions of fans. You’re not limited to 5000. You can have fan page tabs which we’re going to get into in just a little bit here. Basically Fan pages allow you to do everything from sell stuff on your fan page to build your email list, to get phone calls to all different types to get people to sign up for your seminars, to all different types of things.

Facebook Advertising Tips!
Facebook Advertising to Boost Posts, generates sales and leads

The other benefit to having a fan page is you unlock those other Facebook advertising tools that help promote your business by doing

  • Facebook offers
  • promoted posts
  • events
  • page likes
  • sending visitors to your website or app.

These are the 2 crucial reasons why you need to have a fan page but it’s also important because today, people are spending hours and hours on Facebook and if you have a fan page, you’re right there where they are.

You can use the different ad tools that I told you about, the offers, the sponsored stories, the promoted posts. You can use  blogging and link your blog up with Facebook and it just lets you tap into that pool of people in a very powerful way and as you build up your fan base, that’s like building up your email list because every time you then go post a link through your blog or whatever it may be, you can get hundreds of clicks.

Now think about this. With your email list, if you emailed three emails in one day, what would happen? You would probably get a massive rash of unsubscribes and people emailing asking about why you emailed them three times today.

With Facebook, you can easily send out three Facebook posts per day. You can send out five Facebook posts per day and people aren’t going to get upset. In fact they might even like it.

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